Projects Under SHSWI Pala
Family Empowerment
  • Spark In Families
  • Village Development Programme
  • Karunya Bhavan
  • Jesus Fraternity
  • Ashakiranam
  • Mochana
  • Income Generation Programme
  • Anugraha
Child Empowerment
  • Darsan
  • Aiswarya
  • Jyothis Library
  • Jyothis Kids
  • Jyothi ( Education Sponsorship Programme)
Women Empowerment
  • Sacred Heart Group for Women
Youth Empowerment
  • Sacred Heart Group for Women
  • Prerana
  • Wings to Win
Natural Resource Management
  • Eden
  • Urjakiran
Human Rights
  • Pratheeksha
  • Day Observations

Family Empowerment

Spark In Families     

GOAL : Ensure peaceful family atmosphere

OBJECTIVES : Identification of issues faced by families, introduction of resources to the

members of family, preserve the traditional values in families, encourage and motivate them for healthy life styles.

ACTIVITIES : Family visits, conducting classes in residence groups, training programs, surveys, retreat and rehabilitation programs…

Village Development Programme

GOAL : Integral development of rural villages.

OBJECTIVES : Ensuring education for all, empowerment of marginalized, development of basic needs, Healthy life style, promote farming.

ACTIVITIES : House visits, Classes and seminars, Provision of necessary financial support, training programs, energy conservation programs, counselling service.

Karunya Bhavan

GOAL : Shelter for the deserved and deprived.

OBJECTIVES : Family welfare, Rehabilitation of financially backward and marginalized.

ACTIVITIES : Provision of newly built houses, housing aids, land for house, house construction materials, partial financial support, prayer groups of rehabilitated ones, house visits.

Jesus Fraternity

GOAL : Reformation and repentance of the prisoners and accused.

OBJECTIVES : Empowerment of the accused, well-being of the families of imprisoned people, ensuring the services in jail for repentance.

ACTIVITIES : Classes and counselling, cultural programs, Holy mass and confession service for the prisoners, prisoner’s family visits, prayer meetings for the repentance of the inmates.


GOAL : Eliminate cancer from society

OBJECTIVES : Promote healthy life style, promote organic farming and natural living, educate the public on the preventive measures.

ACTIVITIES : Awareness campaigns, Training programs, seminars and workshops, Album competitions, Aids for cancer treatment.


GOAL : Peace in families through Complete rehabilitation from Addiction.

OBJECTIVES : Identification of families affected due to addiction, rehabilitation from the alcoholic addiction, rehabilitation of the families affected.

ACTIVITIES : Family visits, retreat and de addiction programs, AA Groups, Facilitating Income Generation Programs for the families, counselling, regular AA Group, Yearly tour programs and pilgrimages, prayer and classes.

Income Generation Programme

GOAL : Self sufficiency through financial independency.

OBJECTIVES : Financial security, financial support for income generation, motivation to start own small scale business.

ACTIVITIES : Skill training, Financial support for purchasing the necessary equipments,

distribution of tailoring machines, hens, cows, goats etc., follow-up through field visits.


GOAL : Upliftment of the weak and marginalized.

OBJECTIVES : Ensuring the basic needs, pave way for happiness, avail social security, facilitating a platform for unity and social change, building change makers.

ACTIVITIES : Food, clothing and treatment aids, conducting programs for the marginalized, important day observations, flood relief, jail visiting, counselling service.

Child Empowerment


GOAL : Holistic development of children who cannot afford the co-curricular trainings

OBJECTIVES : Personality development, enhancement of creativity and skills, promotion of healthy life style, cultivate a feeling of social responsibility, ensure promising career.

ACTIVITIES : Awareness programs, vacation camps, skill training, career guidance, study tour, Nature camps, competitions.


GOAL : Ensure a promising career for the poor through savings schemes and other supporting activities.

OBJECTIVES : Goal setting, career planning, promotion of money saving habits, motivation to reduce unnecessary expenses.

ACTIVITIES : Class and seminars, summer camps, Savings programs, Income generation programs, career guidance, family visits.

Jyothis Library

GOAL : Enrich wisdom in childhood

OBJECTIVES : Promotes reading habits, Educate values and morals, strengthen the capability to object wrong and promote right.

ACTIVITIES : Short Story, Autobiography, moral stories, General Knowledge books distribution, Quiz competitions, Day observation, provision of library facilities.

Jyothis Kids

GOAL : Ensure happy and a positive childhood (below six years)

OBJECTIVES : Ensure positive parenting, addressing all the

needs of the children, healthy routine formation

behavioral formation, positive nurturing.

ACTIVITIES : Reading good stories, classes and training for parents, giving rewards for good behavior, bible stories teaching, toilet training and hygiene practices.

Jyothi Project (Education Sponsorship Programme)

GOAL : Integral development of the poor and marginalized children

OBJECTIVES : Ensure education for all, family welfare, promotion of values in childhood, personality development.

ACTIVITIES : Sponsorships, Residential camps, exposure visit and excursion, savings programmes, income generation programs, competitions, family visits.

Women Empowerment

Sacred Heart Group for Women

GOAL : Women Empowerment

OBJECTIVES : Self Employment, Financial Independency, Equal role in family, Social security, building leaders of tomorrow, promote saving habits.

ACTIVITIES : Small scale business, financial aid, skill training, income generation program, group formation, day observation, regular gathering.

Youth Empowerment


GOAL : Empowerment of youth through enrichment programs.

OBJECTIVES : Reduces criminal activities by youth, eliminate anti-social elements, promote healthy life style, support less studious students, connect employment opportunities.

ACTIVITIES : Personality development, life skill trainings, Anti drug campaign, [email protected] (Cancer Awareness at Campus), Exam preparation Class, Sexual education, Day observation.

Wings to Win

GOAL : Successfull future for the poor students through job oriented professional education with financial support.

OBJECTIVES : Career guidance, focused education design, identification of meritorious goal

oriented students, empowerment of the poor and marginalized students, empowerment of poor families.

ACTIVITIES : Career guidance support, financial aids for higher education, exposure programs.

Natural Resource Management


GOAL : Environment protection and maintenance of good health.

OBJECTIVES : Promotion of organic and natural farming, motivation to plant trees and herbs.

ACTIVITIES : Training programs, saplings / Vegetable Seeds distribution, Kitchen Garden competition, Model farming / Best farming Awards in Convent, School / Family Level, Agro Album Competition, Classes.


GOAL : Energy conservation through awareness creation.

OBJECTIVES : Promotion of renewable energy sources like solar energy, spread awareness on the importance of energy conservation activities such as reducing electricity, gas, petroleum products usages.

ACTIVITIES : Awareness class, Public Meeting, Street plays and competitions.

Human Rights


GOAL : Government Services are the rights of every citizen, through this project we aim at facilitating government services to maximum deserved people.

OBJECTIVES : Awareness generation on government services especially to people who are not highly educated, mediating between government and common man.

ACTIVITIES : Awareness classes, Skill Tests, Seminars and workshops, collaborate with local government bodies such as Gramapanchayath, Krishibhavan, Akshaya, Anganvadi.

Day Observations

GOAL : Awareness creation on rights and responsibilities to maximum public.

OBJECTIVES : Ensuring the rights of minorities, reminding citizens on their

responsibilities, spreading awareness to prevent health hazards and disasters.

ACTIVITIES : Awareness classes, Rally, Exhibitions, Workshops, Flash mob, Drawing competition, Public Meetings, Study Visits.